Streetlight Manifesto at Knitting Factory

Streetlight Manifesto Tickets

Knitting Factory Concert House | Boise, Idaho

Streetlight Manifesto

Coming at you Hard, fast and loud, the latest tour from Streetlight Manifesto is just around the corner, and it's heading directly towards Idaho this summer! So call up your buddies right now and come up with a game plan because you're all gonna have to get together at Boise's Knitting Factory Concert House this coming Friday 26th July 2024 and it's gonna be EPIC!!!

If you enjoy great live Alternative music, then there's a heck of a lot to get psyched about this 2024, there's a great new summer of music to hear, and It's got some awesome new bands for you to hear onstage, and the only way that will to happen is if you buy some tickets immediately.

Streetlight Manifesto is hyped and ready to hit the road; they've got new tunes to play live, and some astounding back catalog tracks checked out for the audience to join in with. The only thing not here... is YOU!

Get your hands on this head-bang-worthy party! It’s about to heat up Boise like never before! You'd better look out because when Streetlight Manifesto shows up in town, it’s sure to be loud and wild! The alt music powerhouse has overtaken the industry with stunning titles - these are songs that could make everyone rock out like there’s no tomorrow! Music lovers in Idaho will absolutely be super excited for this event!

Streetlight Manifesto will be bringing their latest album to the table, but besides new music, famous earlier releases will definitely be taking center stage! Over the course of Streetlight Manifesto’s stunning career, they have produced a discography containing some of the top hits. These are tracks that earned highly rated reviews from critics and industry leaders. Their latest music also earned nothing but praise from the music authority, Billboard! Moreover, don’t be intimidated by Streetlight Manifesto’s array of stunning awards because this act remains as unfiltered and unadulterated as the day their debut dropped.

Streetlight Manifesto’s headlining road trip will be crossing America and stopping at all the big venues, including Knitting Factory Concert House. Now, screaming fans in Boise are welcome because Knitting Factory Concert House will absolutely cater for the crazy energy! It's big size allows everyone more than enough space to spread out and break loose. Meanwhile, the high-quality audio and light equipment guarantees the gig is given state-of-the-art treatment! Finally, Knitting Factory Concert House’s stunning amenities makes sure that you will have the top time of your life!

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Streetlight Manifesto at Knitting Factory Concert House

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