Gimme Gimme Disco at Knitting Factory

Gimme Gimme Disco Tickets

Knitting Factory Concert House | Boise, Idaho

Gimme Gimme Disco

Have you got anything planned Friday 8th September 2023? Busy? Well, clear up your program but if you’re free, then don’t worry. Gimme Gimme Disco is coming to Knitting Factory Concert House and it will be one of the most sizzling events of the fall in Boise, Idaho. Everything you could possibly want will be there, and you really don’t want to miss out on something this stunning. All the aficionados have already obtained their tickets and this has left us with very few, so if you don’t want to miss out, be sure to grab yours today from our site now. If you delay someone else will get them.

Something rather fantastic will take place at Knitting Factory Concert House on Friday 8th September 2023. Can you figure it out? Of course, you can! That's why you’re visiting this page. It will be the Gimme Gimme Disco that will be the event of the year for the fall. We’re sure you already know how much fun the concertgoers' fans are to hang out with, why wouldn’t you? You are one of them.

We have all gone to events where the performers are brilliant but the venue is a complete shambles, but the crew at Knitting Factory Concert House have been working around the clock to make sure that everything goes as planned, including the amenities, lighting, and sound. You will expect to see some unbelievable performers who are practically the finest of their ilk at this show. You only need to concentrate on having the the party of the year.

Before we proceed, there is one small issue that must be resolved. Because everyone else has come here with the same aim of visiting the show, there are very few tickets left. The little that are remaining, are selling out very fast, so buy them while they're still hot. Don’t let someone else beat you to it!

Gimme Gimme Disco at Knitting Factory Concert House

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