Demetri Martin at Knitting Factory

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Knitting Factory Concert House | Boise, Idaho

Demetri Martin

Boise, Idaho has never been more ready to laugh then when they welcome Demetri Martin onto the fan favorite Knitting Factory Concert House stage on Friday 22nd September 2023. This second to none talent is known for leaving their audiences in stitches with a blend of side-splitting jokes and unmistakable charm that fans and critics alike love. Already this performer is winning recommendations as the must-see act to see of 2023 and social media is trending with fans talking about this act. So if you don’t want to miss out on the finest show of 2023, then click that Buy Tickets button now to see Demetri Martin live on Friday 22nd September 2023 at the Knitting Factory Concert House in Boise, Idaho!

Life long comedy fan? Not a comedy fan, just fancy having your mood lifted and funny bone tickled? Yeah all that...because guess who's in town Friday 22nd September 2023? Thats right Demetri Martin on another US wide tour for 2023 and coming to your home town to get you giggling this fall! Playing at the spectacular Knitting Factory Concert House, Idaho, said to be the top venue in the whole of Boise! Large capacity, ideal for high profile HILARIOUS events like this, a vast range of treats, spacious and comfy seating AND only a stones throw from all the best joints in Boise! Be sure to stick this in the diary for September, it's all critics and mags can seem to talk about, so you'll surely not want to miss out on all the commotion and good vibes! Get your tickets today ,simply click 'get tickets' to get yours today!

Demetri Martin at Knitting Factory Concert House

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